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Hilarious Link Fall Shows BOTW’s Ragdoll Physics Can’t Be Beaten

A BOTW player showed off a clip demonstrating the game’s impressive ragdoll physics which hilariously sees Link surviving a long mountain fall. There are many things that fans The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild I love 2017’s Game of the Year, including the title’s ragdoll physics which was recently showcased in a hilarious […]

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Did you know that a Ragdoll cat holds the record for the most views for a cat on YouTube with 7 BILLION views?

Superlatives and Guinness World Records go, of course, hand in hand. After all, Guinness World Records is responsible for keeping track of everything that sets or breaks world records, good or bad. It probably won’t surprise you that there are plenty of YouTube-related records on the Guinness World Records. What may surprise you, however, is […]

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Royal ragdoll a superstar: Glossodia cat wins top honor in Sydney | Hawkesbury Gazette

Jessica Woodrow’s ragdoll is still a kitten at six months old, but she has already won the ultimate cat show at the Sydney Royal Easter Show – an accolade many cat owners could only dream of. Ms Woodrow, from Glossodia, is a ragdoll breeder and currently owns 13 of the fluffy creatures – all of […]

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Ragdoll Cat NFT Marketplace is coming soon with a new

Islamabad, Pakistan, May 02, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — The team’s social media is continuously sharing news about this initiative, and the market is starting to watch the project with interest. Unveiling of the project ecosystem Ragdoll Cat NFT can be your gateway to engage in buying and selling digital assets ranging from art to music […]