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Choice of Ragdoll and Veterans Day

    Lucy Hale in Ragdoll (Photo: Luke Varley/AMC);  Hosea Chanchez in The Game (Photo: Josh Stringer/Paramount+)

Lucy Hale in rag doll (Photo: Luke Varley/AMC); Hosea Chanchez in The game (Photo: Josh Stringer/Paramount+)

Here’s what’s happening in the TV world for Thursday, November 11. All times are Eastern Time.

Top Picks

rag doll (AMC+, 3:01, series premiere): rag doll is catnip for fans of true crimes and serial killers. Based on Daniel Cole’s book of the same name, this thriller serves up a farcical case. Six people were killed and dismembered, their body parts stitched together in a horrific union. DI Emily Baxter (Thalissa Teixiera), DS Nathan Rose (Henry Lloyd-Hughes), and rookie DS Lake Edmonds (Lucy Hale) team up to bring down the killer. rag doll not so much about the case as about those investigating it. The solid first episode features two of the leads: Nathan is a tortured soul with a surprising connection to the murderer, as his name is next on the list of victims.

The outing features unexpected revelations about Nathan’s past, with Lloyd-Hughes successfully swinging between unhinged and distressed. Hale moves into dark dramas with confidence. The best driver setup is friction between Lake and Nathan, but Emily de Teixera gets the short shift in the process. The show’s trajectory already seems set, as the killer has six names on the list and rag doll the first season has six episodes. Corn rag doll stitches together a fairly compelling story right from the start, and there’s enough suspense to entice fans of the genre. [Saloni Gajjar]

The game (Paramount+, 3:01): This Mara Brock Akil reboot/revival returns with ten new episodes to Las Vegas rather than San Diego. Tim Daly and Toby Sandeman join the cast, as does Wendy Raquel Robinson (Unsafe), Hosea Chanchez (Black Lightningg), Adrian Rae (chicago fire). All seasons of The gameThe original versions of are also on Paramount+.

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It’s Veterans Day! Francois Truffaut said there is no anti-war movie, but maybe there is an anti-war TV show in MASH POTATOES, which is streaming on Hulu.

If you’re looking more for historical accuracy (which some films love to avoid for glory), then WWII Era, produced by Tom Hanks and Steven Spielberg Band of brothers an/a The pacific are on HBO Max.

And finally, there is Greta Gerwig Little woman, set in the Civil War era (steaming on Hulu with a Starz subscription), and Youth Will (streaming on Hulu), based on Vera Brittain’s First World War memoir. The latter features several English stars that are a little mind-boggling to watch in this context, and Alicia Vikander in one of her best roles.