Ragdoll heath

Dog attack sees woman thrown like a rag doll as dog rips off victims’ skin | Nature | News

The victim claims to have been experiencing nightmares and flashbacks of the horrific attack since it happened.

The incident happened in Norwich when the victim was passing through the city’s West Pottergate area on their way to the shops on the high street of Dereham Road.

The case was heard at Norwich Crown Court on Monday, where the jury was told of the victim’s injuries.

Charlie Buckenham, owner of the dog, is said to have “put up a form of windbreak to try to keep the dog in an enclosed space”.

However, prosecutor Edward Renvoize said the victim was “attacked” as she walked on the sidewalk in the communal area by the dog.

Renvoize said the dog was not wearing a muzzle or leash at the time of the attack.

The court heard the woman ‘screamed’ for help and the dog’s owner ‘did what she could to stop the attack’.

Fortunately, the 27-year-old dog’s owner was able to prevent the dog from causing further injury.

An ambulance was called by a neighbor who witnessed the attack.

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But the court heard a neighbor had since seen the dog without a muzzle.

Before Buckenham was sentenced, a victim impact statement was read out in court in which she described how she suffered “nightmares of dogs attacking her” as well as flashbacks to the incident.

The case has been adjourned until May 24 for a rehearing to determine whether Buckenham has now had the dog muzzled or leashed as it should have been at the time of the attack.

This hearing will also determine whether the dog should be put down or not.