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Dying Light 2 Devs Likely Fix Zombie Ragdoll And Physics

Techland acknowledges that the ragdoll physics in Dying Light 2 is not working as expected and should fix the issue soon.


Dying Light 2 released Friday to a rather polarizing critical reception, with some reviewers loving the game and others finding issues with various aspects of it. Dying Light 2 was released with a day one patch that was supposed to fix various issues reviewers had with the game, however, it looks like some bugs have slipped through the cracks.

Dying Light 2The day one patch was said to add over a thousand fixes and improvements to the game, including fixes for various crashes and bugs that caused the AI ​​to sink and various objects into the ground. YouTuber Nick930 recently uploaded a video comparing the original dying light for Dying Light 2. The video compared the various differences between the two games and also highlighted the lack of ragdoll zombie physics in the sequel.


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The original game was praised for its ragdoll physics, while the sequel’s physics don’t seem to work as expected. Nick930 shows in his video how zombies fly from the side of rooftops when thrown dying light and then the way the zombies seem to be floating in the air Dying Light 2 before meeting their demise on the concrete below. Techland noted that this is an issue that it intends to fix in an upcoming quality of life update in the near future.

Dying Light 2 may not have come out in technically perfect condition, but that hasn’t stopped players from enjoying the game. Dying Light 2 beat the original game’s maximum player count by a wide margin. the original dying light had a peak player count of just under 46,000 players on Steam after its launch in 2015, while Dying Light 2 had an impressive 245,553 peak players on the night of its release date.

One of the problems fans of Dying Light 2 have with the game is the fact that the game uses controversial DRM software. A few days before its release, it was announced that Dying Light 2 reportedly uses Denuvo DRM software, which is known to affect game performance.

Techland also recently released a Dying Light 2 DLC roadmap that outlines the DLC that will be released for the game through June. This will only be the beginning, as Techland has claimed that the game will be supported for the next 5 years.

Dying Light 2 is available now for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X.

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