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Lucy Hale reveals what sets ‘Ragdoll’ apart in the world of psychological thrillers | Connect FM | Local news radio

Psychological thrillers are generally not for the faint-hearted, but Lucy Hale teasing her new show, rag doll, will be a “unique” and intriguing experience.

Hale plays Lake Edmunds, an American detective in London who races against time to stop the “Ragdoll Killer”, a murderer who dismembers and sews his victims into grotesque figures.

Hale tells ABC Audio that Ragdoll offers an “interesting balance of a great British detective show mixed with something that occasionally makes you laugh out loud”, noting the show’s “underlying dark humor”.

“It was also an action show,” she adds. “We were doing stunts!

The Pretty Little Liars alum says that aside from the “mixing of genres”, she was also captivated by the “extreme characters”. She says Edmunds is a “smart” woman with a “good heart” who is “running from something in her life”.

“It always catches up with her,” Hale warned, saying audiences will learn how a “singular experience” prompted Edmunds to leave America and “why she got into this business and why she so desperately wants to do what she does.” ‘it is necessary”.

While Hale admires Edmunds, she is also “very suspicious of everyone”. The actress hints that Detective Green’s “deep insecurity” and inability to trust others could add to her long list of problems.

Additionally, Hale mused, “Maybe she’s got a bad bone in her body.”

While psychological thrillers are “a tough genre to master”, Hale thinks Ragdoll hits the mark and will keep everyone on their toes with its “plenty of twists” – especially when they involve the villain.

“What attracted me was the way the Ragdoll Killer hurts his victims. He does them in a very unique, very twisted, very medieval way,” she divulged.

Ragdoll, a six-episode special, premieres Thursday on AMC+.

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