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Main actors call Emily Baxter and Nathan Rose a ‘sticky’ relationship on AMC series

Relationships Between Main Characters Shape AMC+’s Dark Crime Series rag doll. Nathan Rose (Henry Lloyd-Hughes) and Emily Baxter (Thalissa Teixeira) have a longtime friendship on the show that the main cast describe as “sticky.” The two characters are poles apart but don’t seem to be able to live without each other. They know each other’s deepest secrets, but Baxter struggles between his emotions for Rose and his deteriorating sanity. Viewers will learn about Rose and Baxter’s relationship in rag doll be complex beyond words.

Nathan Rose and Emily Baxter characters for the ‘Ragdoll’ series | Sam Taylor via AMC

What relationship do Emily Baxter and Nathan Rose have in “Ragdoll”?

Baxter and Rose often border on being loyal friends to fans who wonder if there are any secret emotions between them. The two characters understand each other better than anyone and have been partners for years. In rag doll In Episode 1, fans see just how in tune Baxter and Rose are as they comically make up names for the killer as if it’s normal.

Even after a long, dark day solving murders, Baxter and Rose are still together. They even go to a karaoke bar when they realize they need a break from the morbid atmosphere. But their relationship runs much deeper as they try to shield themselves from the outside world and other characters.

In a behind-the-scenes video from AMC, Lloyd-Hughes explains, “They’re completely related. But at the same time, they are very different people. They are kind of like opposite poles, and yet together they create kinetic energy that they feed off of. As the rag doll as the series progresses, their relationship is tested as Rose descends into her own chaos.

Emily Baxter struggles to be professional while being Nathan Rose’s friend

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Breaking down Baxter’s character reveals that there are many more connections to his relationship with Rose. Lloyd-Hughes describes it by saying, “They can’t live with each other, but they can’t live without each other.” In the series, Rose begins to get too invested in finding the Ragdoll killer on his own and connecting with his secret. Baxter realizes he’s spiraling but tries to stop Lake Edmonds (Lucy Hale) from pestering Rose about her problems.

Just as Rose fights her own demons, so does Baxter. She begins to struggle between being a good friend, protecting Rose but realizing that he is self-destructing. Teixeira calls it a “love and hate” relationship. The actor explains that Baxter has his own demons. Rose pushes Baxter’s boundaries as a friend. When he was institutionalized, Baxter became Rose’s lead detective and boss.

Baxter is under a lot of pressure as a boss, a black woman, and helping Rose. As Rose sinks into her own darkness in the rag doll series, it tests the friendship and love between the two characters. Viewers see that Baxter and Rose are willing to do anything to protect themselves.

Where to watch AMC’s “Ragdoll” series?

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rag doll takes viewers on a dark and grotesque crime story tied with morbid British humor. Rose, Baxter and Edmonds hunt a killer named Ragdoll after finding a body made up of the ligaments of different victims. Tensions rise when the killer sends a list of victims tied to Rose’s past. The series is available to the public on AMC+ with a subscription or 7-day free trial.

The series presents a new episode every Thursday on the streaming platform. rag doll is a limited series with only six episodes in its first season. Hale, Lloyd-Hughs and Teixeira lead the main cast alongside a cast of British actors.