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Nursery nurse thrown off fairground ride ‘like a rag doll’ gets compensation from Cumbria firm

A childcare nurse who broke her jaw when she was thrown off a fairground ride ‘like a rag doll’ has agreed a five-figure payout.

Jade Harrison lost consciousness after being thrown from a carousel belonging to Taylor’s Fun Fairs of Cumbria, during a traveling funfair. Horrified witnesses told how she was ‘thrown 15ft in the air like a pinball machine’ before smashing into a teenager, who suffered injuries to his abdomen.

Jade, 24, landed on the Sizzler ride platform at the fair after being thrown from the Airmaxx 360 ride in Hull, East Yorks., in October 2019. She was rushed to hospital where she was treated for a broken jaw, which left her with severe dental injuries and had to have metal plates inserted into her face.

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After spending four days in hospital, she underwent more than £4,000 of specialist dental treatment. Airmaxx 360 ride owners’ insurers, Taylor’s Fun Fairs of Cumbria, paid for the treatment after the operators accepted liability for the injuries.

And Jade, who took legal action after being told at the hospital that if a child had suffered the same accident they would likely have died, agreed to an out-of-court settlement.

She said: “There are too many cases of accidents at fairs and theme parks and when something like this happens there must be full investigations and penalties. I hope this will lead to better safety standards and fewer incidents like what happened to me.

The insurers acting on behalf of Taylor’s Funfairs admitted liability for the accident and the injuries caused. Despite the trauma, Miss Harrison said she no longer suffers from anxiety, but is a ‘different person’ than she was in 2019.

Jade Harrison, 24, spent four days in hospital after being thrown from a ride at a traveling funfair and ramming into a teenager

She added: “I am now a different person than the one who went on this ride in 2019. At the time I had no fears and was really ready for anything, but now I am opposed to anything that has an element of risk It’s ok, I’ve adapted to this because I need to feel safe, but it limits what you can do with your family and friends.

“Simple and fun things like jumping off rocks into the sea on vacation. I wouldn’t do that again because I couldn’t get over the fear of hitting a rock or being seriously injured. That’s how my mindset changed. We recently visited Skegness and I just couldn’t do any rides. Some of my family went there, but I didn’t want them to.

“I couldn’t even look. I can’t imagine I’ll ever change. I feel like I’ve recovered well overall and it’s definitely not something that comes to mind on a day-to-day basis anymore. I feel good health wise and happy.I am quite a resilient person so I no longer suffer from anxiety.

“In the weeks following my accident, I was struggling and very anxious. I had nightmares for several nights and woke up in a state of panic, but over time that went away. When Hull Fair was on the “Last year I just avoided it. I had to walk past it a few times, so I just made sure not to look.

Jade Harrison, 24, spent four days in hospital after being catapulted during a ride at a traveling funfair
Jade Harrison, 24, spent four days in hospital after being catapulted during a ride at a traveling funfair

Rebecca Cone of Hudgell Solicitors said she was delighted to reach a settlement and a five-figure compensation offer without the need to take the case to court.

She said: ‘It was a horrific accident which obviously had a significant impact on Jade so we were grateful for the early admission of responsibility by the defendants as it allowed us to move on. forward and quickly get psychological treatment for Jade. It will certainly have helped Jade to recover solidly.

“It also allowed us to start dental care as soon as possible, with the majority of that also complete. This was of course a shocking incident and one to learn from. Accidents like this just shouldn’t happen. We wish Jade good luck for the future.

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