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Ragdoll: Alibi AMC+, release date, cast, plot, trailer, more

Action-packed crime thriller rag doll sees Henry Lloyd-Hughes, Thalissa Teixeira and Lucy Hale team up to play detectives on the hunt for a deranged serial killer. The six-episode crime drama premiered on AMC+ in the US, then comes to Alibi in the UK. It comes from the producers of Kill Eve.

Six people were murdered, dismembered and stitched up in the form of a grotesque body – nicknamed “Ragdoll”. London Metropolitan Policeman Nathan Rose, DI Emily Baxter and the unit’s new recruit DC Lake Edmunds are assigned to the shocking case.

So here’s everything we know so far about the serial killer drama rag dollincluding some intriguing first look images, plus its US and UK release dates…

“Ragdoll” release date

UK, rag doll begins Monday, December 6 at 9 p.m. on Alibi (plus Sky Box Sets and NOW), and runs with two episodes each week on Mondays and Tuesdays. The six-part series rag doll was released on AMC+ in the United States on November 11, 2021.

Is there a “Ragdoll” trailer?

Yes! A rag doll The trailer was released by AMC+. Take a look below. There are some fantastic first look photos too, including action shots of Thalissa Teixeira running down a London street and the three detectives shining a torch at a gruesome crime scene (see our main photo).

“Ragdoll” plot

Based on worldwide bestseller by Daniel Colethe winding plot of rag doll follows three London Met Police detectives as they are tasked with identifying six victims who were killed and stitched together like a puppet. But soon the rag doll killer taunts the police by sending them a list of his next victims, with DS Nathan Rose’s name among them. And with all the potential victims to protect, our heroes soon come under public scrutiny, while Rose fears the murders are tied to a memory from her past.

The three “Ragdolls”.

The three “Ragdolls”. (Image credit: Alibi)

American star Lucy Hale came to London to film Ragdoll.

American star Lucy Hale came to London to film “Ragdoll”. (Image credit: Alibi)

The cast of ‘Ragdoll’ – Henry Lloyd-Hughes on the role of DS Nathan Rose

In rag dollthe British actor plays DS Nathan Rose, who was recently reinstated at the London Met and is in charge of the horrific case.

Henry Lloyd-Hughes, 36, says: “As a cop, Nathan is instinctive but flawed in terms of breaking protocol. He tries to find the best version of himself both professionally and health-wise. mental. But then they land with the mother of all cases…’

Henry Lloyd-Hughes was recently seen on the Netflix show The Irregulars like Sherlock Holmes. It has also previously appeared as Intermediate‘ bully Mark Donovan, Ralph Whelan in C4 indian summers and Pontmercy in the BBC1 serial adaptation of Wretched, alongside Josh O’Connor, Dominic West and Olivia Colman. Of course, fans of Kill Eve Henry will also be remembered as tech company heir Aaron Peel in the second season of the spy thriller. He also starred in the Netflix historical drama The English game.

Henry Lloyd-Hughes DS Nathan Rose in Ragdoll.

Henry Lloyd-Hughes DS Nathan Rose in ‘Ragdoll’. (Image credit: Alibi)

Action 'Ragdoll'...Rose in trouble.

Action ‘Ragdoll’…Rose in trouble. (Image credit: Alibi)

Cast of “Ragdoll” – Lucy Hale on the role of DC Lake Edmunds

Best known for playing Aria Montgomery in Pretty little LiarsAmerican actress Lucy Hale recently starred in the Riverdale spin off Katy Keenas well as Perpetuity and Privileged.

In rag dollLucy stars as smart and headstrong American detective Lake Edmunds in the disturbingly fast-paced drama, the crime unit’s newest recruit and Baxter’s intern partner.

Lucy Hale says: “There’s a lot of comedy in all the horror that the show is about. It’s definitely an interesting mix to have this dark, very intense case that these detectives are working on and then the banter between the detectives – they never take themselves too seriously or really take themselves seriously… I feel like I’ve prepared my whole life for this role because I love true crime!

‘Edmunds speaks her mind too much in a workplace where you’re supposed to check your feelings at the door. She’s smart and desperate to learn, but she’s more like Nathan than she cares to admit because she has things she runs away from. These characters are so messed up, but you support them.”

Although the subject matter is deeply unsettling, a welcome streak of dark comedy runs through the series – and for Lucy Hale in particular, it was a huge draw.

“Coming to London to do a crime show was a dream come true,” says the Tennessee-born actor. “I love anything gruesome and morbid, but this is different because it also has a dark humor that sets it apart.”

One of the most memorable scenes for all the actors involved their first glimpse of the rag doll corpse. They admit they were stunned by the prosthetics used to create it.

“I loved it. We all made the choice not to see him until the day of shooting, which worked in our favor,” Lucy reveals. “It looks so real and the detail and hours that went into making this thing blew me away. It’s amazing.”

Lucy Hale American detective Lake Edmunds at Ragdoll.

Lucy Hale, American detective Lake Edmunds in ‘Ragdoll’. (Image credit: Alibi)


“Ragdoll” investigation… Edmunds makes a shocking discovery. (Image credit: Alibi)

Cast of “Ragdoll” – Thalissa Teixeira on the role of DI Emily Baxter

Thalissa Teixeira plays DI Emily Baxter in rag dollwho is DS Nathan Rose’s best friend and boss.

Thalissa says, “It’s about how humans deal with trauma. They are not only trying to solve the crime, but also to keep their heads above water. They need each other and are bound together – only they know what they’re dealing with because of the horrible things they see.”

She is known for her television roles, including Sky’s two weeks to liveBBC2 Trigonometry and the BBC1 The Musketeers. Thalissa was recently seen in ITV’s psychological thriller Too closeopposite Emily Watson and Denise Gough, and the Channel 5 historical drama Anne Boleyn with Jodie Turner Smith.

Thalissa Teixeira DI Emily Baxter in Ragdoll.

Thalissa Teixeira DI Emily Baxter in ‘Ragdoll’. (Image credit: Alibi)

The search for a killer

Will the hunt for the ‘Ragdoll’ killer put DI Emily Baxter in danger? (Image credit: Alibi)

The cast of ‘Ragdoll’ – who else is starring

Join the three main actors of rag doll are Ali Cook (Emmerdale) as DCI Simmons, Douggie McMeekin (The beast must die, prostitutes) as Eric Turner, Perry Jacques (Coronation Street) as Robert Maloney, Tim McDonnell as DCI Chambers, and Eric Raymond Lim as Hau.