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Ragdoll Cat NFT Marketplace is coming soon with a new

Islamabad, Pakistan, May 02, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — The team’s social media is continuously sharing news about this initiative, and the market is starting to watch the project with interest.

Unveiling of the project ecosystem

Ragdoll Cat NFT can be your gateway to engage in buying and selling digital assets ranging from art to music and entire virtual worlds if you are familiar with NFTs or interested through the creation, purchase, sale, storage and collection of NFTs.

“Live Cat Marketplace” is a non-profit marketplace or platform for Ragdoll Cats that aspires to provide cats with forever homes.

Finding a cat buyer or seller in your area has never been easier. You can buy or sell cats anywhere in the world by going to the project’s online marketplace for cats. It’s the first and only place on the internet where you can find and buy cats for sale from registered cat breeders around the world.

The project also offers an innovative staking service. Knowing that staking is a technique for earning crypto for simply holding the token is a critical point for many dealers and investors. If you’re only hoping to make a few dollars from staking, it’s worth knowing how and why the system works. Trust your RDC and monitor its volume growth over time.

The announcement of the RDC token

The RDC token will operate on the BNB chain with a total supply of 21 billion samples. A relevant part of this amount will go to the market and will be split between the private and public pre-sale rounds (20% and 34.29% of the token supply respectively).

The remaining part of the tokens will be allocated to the development team (7.14%), marketing operations (7.14%), market liquidity (24.34%) and gifts and bonuses (7.09 %).

After the pre-sale, the team will finally launch the token on the market via PancakeSwap. The project’s tokenomics has a transaction tax set at 9%, broken down as follows:

  • 4% goes to the marketing budget and the founding team.
  • 3% entering the internal redemption mechanism of Ragdoll Cat NFT
  • 2% used as self-liquidity for the project.

The presale phase will begin on May 9 on PinkSale. The event will have a soft cap set at 300 BNB and a hard cap equal to 600 BNB.

There will be three phases in the private presale round, with the following bonus structure:

  • No bonus at 0.05 BNB level
  • 10% bonus with 0.10 BNB
  • 20% bonus to 0.50 BNB
  • 30% bonus for 1 BNB
  • 40% bonus to 5 BNB
  • 50% bonus for a total of 10 BNB

The public presale will see 71% of liquidity locked in for one year, with a minimum purchase of 0.10 BNB and a maximum threshold set at 3 BNB. The team informed investors that the public price will be 1 BNB = 12 million RDC, increasing to 10 million tokens on the launch day of PancakeSwap.

About Ragdoll Cat NFT

Ragdoll Cat NFT is a project focused on creating a new NFT market. It also has useful features, such as the “Live Cat Marketplace”, where users can post advertisements to buy and sell cats, and the first-ever online cat store that allows users to connect with buyers and local vendors.

The project offers an airdrop with 300,000 DRC, and a trader can only claim this prize once.

The project also includes a referral program to create a growing online community. If you want to know more about this project, you can refer to its official website or the social media pages listed below.

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