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‘Ragdoll’ episode 3 recap – Ragdoll killer possibly revealed

The AMC+ series rag doll sinks into the mystery of how the Ragdoll killer will carry out his crimes of murder. Since Episode 1, fans have begun to see Nathan Rose (Henry Lloyd-Hughes) descend into his own dark chaos. rag doll Episode 3 pushes the storyline even further as the characters uncover the identity of the dismembered body parts, and the case begins to take its toll on the detectives. The episode also reveals a new character who may be the suspect.

[Spoiler alert: This article contains spoilers about Ragdoll.]

Nathan Rose character for ‘Ragdoll’ Episode 3 | Luke Varley via AMC

‘Ragdoll’ Main Characters Search For More Clues To The Killers’ Tactics In Episode 3

rag doll Episode 3 begins right after the brutal events that took place in Episode 2. After Rose sees the lawyer walking in front of a moving car, he and Emily Baxter (Thalissa Teixeira) attempt to locate her son. Their vehicle is blocked by a yellow cab driven by an obsessed Rose fan.

She explains that she left her apartment and found the taxi with the lawyer’s son inside. She also received a letter from the Ragdoll killer. Back at the precinct, Lake Edmonds (Lucey Hale) identifies the other body parts linked to the cremation killer. Rose and the team decided to focus on the next name on the roster, Eric Turner (Douggie McMeekin).

Eric was the guard who removed Rose from the cremation killer trial. Baxter is assigned to talk to Eric while Edmonds and Rose find out how the lawyer’s son was kidnapped. Back at the police station, Edmonds and Rose try to ask the boy questions, and Rose gets too caught up in a therapeutic tactic used during his hospitalization.

Edmonds begins to worry about Rose’s sanity as he revisits his past

Characters Emily Baxter and Eric Turner for 'Ragdoll' Episode 3 standing in the living room.

Characters Emily Baxter and Eric Turner for Episode 3 of “Ragdoll” | Natalie Seery via AMC

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After witnessing Rose during the interrogation, she confides in Baxter about her concerns. She tells Baxter that a janitor saw Rose standing on the roof ledge screaming. But Baxter dismisses Edmond’s concerns that she won’t interfere with Rose. Rose visits someone related to Joel (Kobna Holdbrook-Smith) and asks about the murder of Joel’s sister and the disappearance of her boyfriend.

Rose wants information about the boyfriend and learns that a woman named Kate claims to have seen the man who killed him. At the police station, Rose arrives late for the briefing and is angry that Eric is transporting the prisoners to a new facility. Baxter does not attribute Rose to the security detail. Rose confronts Baxter and puts a damper on their relationship.

As Baxter and Edmonds prepare Eric for transport, one of the inmates is Joel’s friend, whom Rose questioned moments ago. Along the way, the inmate smuggled in a pen and used the clip to free himself from his handcuffs and unlock the door. At the same time, Eric begins to feel the effects of a drug.

The Ragdoll Killer succeeds in eliminating another victim in episode 3 of “Ragdoll”

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Things take a turn rag doll Episode 3 when a small phone bomb bursts a water main, obstructing the view of the characters. Baxter assesses the scene and finds the inmate dead, and Edmonds secures Eric in the car. With Eric high on a drug, he opens his daughter’s backpack which was missing that morning. Eric is attacked by a poisonous snake and dies.

When Bater finds mummified animals in his trunk, DS Finlay (Michael Smiley) realizes its significance. The animals and the way Eric was killed are tied to an ancient method of punishment against children who kill their parents. Prior to the Cremation Killer trial, Eric disabled his father’s life support system. Viewers are then taken to a Civil War reenactment field and an unknown character.

Rose and Edmond question the lawyer’s son again, and Rose tells him a story about his mother. Both characters inform the others that he remembers smelling acetone. He accompanied his mother to get her nails done and remembers disfigured faces in the trunk of the car.

Edmonds is furious to learn that Rose’s story about her mother was false and berates Baxter for letting Rose off the hook. Viewers then watch as Rose visits reporter Andrea Wyld (Natasha Little) and they kiss. In another part of town, Edmonds suffers a psychological breakdown. rag doll Episode 3 ends with an older white man returning home to his shed to dissect and catalog a human hand.

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