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Royal ragdoll a superstar: Glossodia cat wins top honor in Sydney | Hawkesbury Gazette

Jessica Woodrow’s ragdoll is still a kitten at six months old, but she has already won the ultimate cat show at the Sydney Royal Easter Show – an accolade many cat owners could only dream of.

Ms Woodrow, from Glossodia, is a ragdoll breeder and currently owns 13 of the fluffy creatures – all of which sleep on her bed at night.

The winning cat, named Kirei She’s a Superstar, is a blue two-tone ragdoll and Mrs. Woodrow’s pride and joy. Ms Woodrow is proud to say she raised the cat herself.

Kirei is Mrs. Woodrow’s herding prefix and the award-winning cat’s name is She’s a Superstar, but Mrs. Woodrow calls her “Fat girl”.

At the recent Sydney Royal, She’s a Superstar won the supreme cat show for Ring 2 and then took home the grand prize of the Best Show Perpetual Trophy – the Royal Agricultural Society of NSW’s most prestigious award.

“It was a huge achievement for me and I’m very proud to represent this great community,” Ms. Woodrow said.

Ms Woodrow, 25, is a mother of three and is studying full-time in a Bachelor of Laws and a Bachelor of Criminal Justice.

In her spare time, she aims to attend about two cat shows a month.

No ragdoll has ever won this award at the Sydney Royal. I didn’t expect to do as well as me.

Jessica Woodrow

Her achievement at the Sydney Royal is something she will remember for a long time.

“No ragdoll has ever won this award at Sydney Royal. I didn’t expect to do as well as I did. The quality of the cats there was astronomical,” she said.

“But of course we ended up doing our best. It’s the highest honor you can get in the country.”

Ms Woodrow said she “cried a little bit” when the award was announced.

“It’s more of an achievement to have raised the cat myself. It was super exciting,” she said.

She has been exhibiting and breeding cats for six years, since she was 18.

“I wasn’t really allowed to have pets when I was younger. But luckily for me when I was older I was allowed to have my first breeding pair. J I had been to a few exhibitions before and it piqued my curiosity,” Ms Woodrow said.

Kirei She’s a Superstar will be among the cats appearing at the Hawkesbury Show on Sunday May 8 in the Apex Pavilion.