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The funniest Ragdoll physics in video games

Since its initial mainstream conception in Jurassic Park: Trespasser in 1998, the art of ragdoll physics in gaming has undergone many major evolutions. The ability to make NPCs react to impact and environmental changes reshaped major elements of the game, especially in combat.

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Some games even made slippery ragdoll physics the focus of the game, like Octodad and Gang Beasts. Other titles, however, take this commitment too far, with characters hitting the bridge at the slightest stumble on a sidewalk or a slight nudge from a vehicle. Anyway, the advanced physics engines have revolutionized the game with the way we fall in the hills, buildings and fights, being a constantly renewed source of entertainment.

goat simulator

It’s easy to see why Goat Simulator has been such a hit. Launched in 2014 when Goats were at the height of internet stardom, just at the right time to parody other Simulator games, Goat Simulator offered players a very unique gaming experience.

Set in open-world environments with an excess of objectives, Goat Simulator encouraged players to use and abuse Unreal Engine 3-powered ragdoll mechanics, with head-butting, charging, and flying into the numerous occupants. of the world as the main objective. The fact that players can control a customizable goat is part of the unnecessary explanation of why this game is so vital to be included in this list.


Endlessly iconic, addictive, humbling and hilarious, the QWOP flash game is one of the greatest ragdoll physics of all time. Although a little stiffer than some of the more polished, smooth and realistic entries on this list, QWOP stands the test of time when it comes to engaging gameplay with an impressive heritage of record breakers including an artificial intelligence. bot that still couldn’t break the record at the time.

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Players are tasked with traversing the screen as far as they can, controlling an athlete’s legs. Q and W control the thighs, while O and P control the calves. Sounds pretty easy, right? Oh, so bad.

grand theft auto 4

While there’s a lot of debate surrounding the superiority between GTA 4 and 5, when it comes to ragdoll physics, 4 tends to win in the eyes of many.

Being the first game in the series to implement a realistic ragdoll system, players were amazed at the twist of protagonist Niko. The limits of the game engine have been rigorously tested by head-on collisions through windshields, helicopter dives without a parachute, and games in traffic. Its success wasn’t limited to GTA 4, however, seeing the ragdoll mechanic improve over the years in future Rockstar releases.

Skate 3

Of all the gaming subgenres, what better ground to test ragdoll physics than one of the most chaotic sports around? The Skate series not only fully embraced the art of slam but also encouraged it, especially Skate 3, which had a handy but cringe-inducing skeleton setting that allowed players to see which bones they had obliterated. .

Inspired by the Thrasher magazine featurette, Hall of Meat mode has become as fun as landing tricks. Throwing through the air pretending to be planks, cannonballs and flying karate kicks before breaking all your bones on landing has allowed limitless fun in online competitions.

happy wheels

Another legendary flash game, Happy Wheels pioneered allowing users to create and share their own levels online. Playing as an array of characters with disposable limbs, including an old man in a wheelchair, a father and son on a stroller, and a man on a Segway, players had to reach the end of each side-scrolling, platform-based , one piece survival level.

The many hyper-violent traps designed to decapitate and destroy made the ragdoll physics even more entertaining, with arrow-impaled characters pedaling frantically to the finish with leg stumps and no arms. Is dark humor compulsory? It helps.

Some things in games will never cease to be satisfying. Pin an opponent with a green shell in Mario Kart, rest your feet after a major delivery in Death Stranding, and the ultimate: the Fus Ro Dah. More than a decade later, dispatching soldiers, giants, bears, spiders, mud crabs and whatever looks funny never fails to age.

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The powerful voice-activated weapon is made even more dynamic by the game’s commitment to making full use of the ragdoll mechanic, transforming towering enemies into soft-limbed mannequins, hurtling through the air and down mountains.

The black

While not the most polished and cutting-edge ragdoll engines, the physics of Rockstar’s crime classic are endlessly entertaining. Unlike other Rockstar games where NPCs typically react to impact, either shielding their injured areas or shielding themselves as they try to stay upright, the characters in LA Noire seem determined to be as unresponsive as possible.

Whether it’s a head-on collision with a pedestrian on foot or a misplaced step while navigating a sketchy location, the way the characters seem to give up completely is never short of hilarious. . Accompanied by groans from Cole Phelps as he collapses to the floor, it’s a perfect helping of hilarity.

just cause 4

Although the entire series shares a similar ragdoll system, the opportunities offered by the fourth installment are what set it apart. The harpoon-like grappling hook has become a staple of the series and allows for some of the most inventive and chaotic ragdoll animations ever seen on screen.

Whether you attach a rocket to a cow, a pedestrian to a fast-moving car, a car with a passenger to a helicopter, and then all of that to a missile, players are almost certain to capture stunning ragdoll animations unique to these series.

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