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They say it takes a village… but in this case it took several counties and lots of good people from all over Ireland to grant a very sick woman and her beautiful daughter some comfort in case of need.

Drogheda Dolls founder Natalie Kelly was once again at the center of a seemingly impossible wish for someone in need, but once again impossible is not a word in her vocabulary.

Last week she found a ragdoll kitten for the daughter of a very sick woman. this breed of therapy cat is very in tune with human emotions, and the mother was hoping to find one and give it to her daughter while she broke bad news to her in hopes it would help her cope what they have to face.

With the help of many local people, including the Order of Malta, Skie the cat was delivered safely to the little family, to continue his own difficult journey.

“It only started a week ago when a lady contacted me on Drogheda Dolls to see if she could post an anonymous message about finding a ragdoll kitten,” says Natalie. “Lately we have been inundated with posts about pets in the group, so I asked the other girl admins not to approve the posts about pets and let them go through DAR (Drogheda Animal Rescue) , but when this lady explained the reason for her search for this particular breed of kitten I just had to help’.

A lifelong good friend of hers suddenly got some really bad news and had to go through A&E, admission, all CT scans, CT scans, ultrasounds, biopsy, diagnosis and prognosis totally alone because of COVID-19.

She is a single mother of an adopted daughter and the mother wanted this special ragdoll kitten for her daughter, but the message did not yield any results.

“Of course I couldn’t sleep thinking about her so I told the woman that I would go to the end of the world to get this kitten for your friend, but I really underestimated how much these kittens are hard to get,” says Natalie.

“I’ve contacted almost every breeder in the country – I think my husband and I made 50 calls in a single day – and these ragdoll therapy kittens are so expensive and hard to get that the waiting lists go on forever. year to two years! I kept getting ‘No’ on every phone call.’

Undeterred, she started posting to cat groups in desperation and eventually her phone rang.

“A beautiful, kind lady contacted me, who had been expecting a ragdoll kitten for almost a year and was due to pick one up in Limerick City this weekend, but said I could have her,” says -she. “We had to buy her of course and a lovely group of people helped pay the cost, and she said she would wait until the next litter given the seriousness of the lady’s condition.”

Of course, the mission was to get this little cat from Limerick to its destination in a nationwide lockdown!

After many calls and a chance encounter, the fabulous and kind Order of Malta Ambulance Corp in Drogheda was able to help me with my ‘Ragdoll Kitten Mission’ and the mission ended last Wednesday,” she adds.

“This little guy came from Limerick straight into the arms of the little girl and her mother, and I want to say a big thank you to everyone involved.”