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Dog attack sees woman thrown like a rag doll as dog rips off victims’ skin | Nature | News

The victim claims to have been experiencing nightmares and flashbacks of the horrific attack since it happened. The incident happened in Norwich when the victim was passing through the city’s West Pottergate area on their way to the shops on the high street of Dereham Road. The case was heard at Norwich Crown Court on […]

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The funniest Ragdoll physics in video games

Since its initial mainstream conception in Jurassic Park: Trespasser in 1998, the art of ragdoll physics in gaming has undergone many major evolutions. The ability to make NPCs react to impact and environmental changes reshaped major elements of the game, especially in combat. RELATED: Best Physics-Based Games, Ranked Some games even made slippery ragdoll physics […]

Ragdoll facility

Dying Light 2 patch brings improvements to ragdoll mechanics, eliminates death loops, more

Dying Light 2 has a new patch that addresses issues reported by players. It also focuses on technical and gameplay improvements, such as ragdoll mechanics, story progression issues, elimination of death loops, and also offers fixes for many co-op issues. This patch includes fixes for story progression, UI/UX, Nightrunner tools, combat improvements, night balance, final […]